RO Pressure Vessels (PROTEC)


Protec Arisawa is the global leader for the design and the manufacturing of Fiber Reinforced Plastic Pressure Vessels for membrane filtration systems.

With three production sites located on three different continents and over 40 years of experience in filament winding, Protec Arisawa is your supplier of choice when it comes to selecting high-quality pressure vessels with leading technology.

Global experience
& local presence


As the world population grows, the quality of water becomes of vital importance for people and companies all over the globe. Water shortages create challenges that inspire water supply companies to develop creative solutions. Teaming up with Protec Arisawa will give you access to new possibilities to strengthen your competitive edge, based upon three pillars:
Regional presence
• Experience
• Innovation
Let us explain what you can expect from our company and why we are different from any other competitor. Imagine what we could do together … .


Today, vessels are expected to last for a long time. To consistently meet this expectation takes experience. Protec Arisawa brings this experience together and sets the industry standards. Our company is your best guarantee to meet your needs and your customer’s expectations.
Selecting Protec® membrane pressure vessels provides more value for your money.
Our experience and industry knowledge of customer’s needs makes it possible to provide real solutions to reduce your total system cost


With our regional fabrication facilities in California, Spain and Japan we can deliver faster than any other supplier, regardless of vessel length, pressure, or configuration. As a total solution provider, you can count on our sales network for optimizing your product and providing support from concept to startup; in addition to vessel service throughout the life of a system.


Quality, development,
performance, reliability
& capacity

In many ways the Protec®-design is different than those of our competitors. Some differences are small, others are quite large. Our sales force around the world will be happy to explain all these benefits in detail. It will be clear that Protec® membrane pressure vessels are designed to simplify the construction and operation of your system. 

In the late 1980s the pressure vessel industry recognized after several failures that FRP vessels used as membrane housing needed to be built to established industrial safety standards to help ensure consistently safe products. From that time forward, the ASME Code, Section X became and remains today as the standard for design and fabrication of FRP membrane pressure vessels. As some suppliers in the industry are moving away from this time tested standard, we at Protec Arisawa believe that the safety and reliability of our products can’t be compromised. Therefore, all Protec Arisawa designs conform to the ASME Code and can be Code stamped at an additional charge if desired. Our 3 factories are certified by ASME and all new designs and any change in design follow the testing path that is required by ASME.

It is clear to Protec Arisawa that larger diameter membranes and pressure vessels are a viable option when evaluating the optimization of system layouts and we continue to support the industry in the advancing strides of the technology. This is why Protec Arisawa is further investing in the 16” technology to meet the expanding needs that water supply innovators present. We view the practical challenges as an opportunity to help create more effective solutions.

Customer driven &
innovative solution

It is our goal to reduce your costs for filtration systems without compromise on quality. It is our tradition to think one step further and develop even better performing system layouts, improved system construction and superior vessel / membrane handling. These innovations have one single objective; create value for your business and reinforce your competitive edge.

Protec Arisawa offers unique custom engineered products for specific customers
and specific applications. We welcome the opportunity to develop a specialized design to meet your product and process requirements. Contact your Protec Arisawa representative for further information.


Be ahead of your competition with cuttingedge technology. At Protec Arisawa we focus on advancing system designs to reduce your total cost. Our technology integrates the system manifolds and membrane pressure vessels which is key to your success. Multiple-porting with very large side ports is one solution where we continue to lead the industry. And it pays Benefits: the
experience of our OEM customers proves that this new technology helps in reducing both system cost and assembly time.


There are many variables OEMs need to take into account to successfully apply this technology. The number of vessels to be connected together depends on the feed water velocity and the pressure loss limitations. To develop a personalized solution for your system, we have developed custom
software to assist in making the transition from the current standard technology. In addition, you can rely on Protec®-products to provide very precise tolerance control for easier and faster skid building.
Tell us your needs and we will develop the best solution that benefits you the most.

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